About Me…

Gillian Ranson

This project brings together several strands of life and work experience for me. For many years I worked as a journalist, in Australia, the U.K. and Canada. Then I discovered sociology, did a PhD, and worked for many more years as a university professor. (I’m now a professor emerita of sociology at the University of Calgary). I’m a mother, of two now-adult children, and to my great joy I’ve recently become a grandmother.

I’m also a boomer – born right at the front end of the boom. So the questions I’m raising in this project are personal. My research has always been shaped by my own life experiences – three previous books have tackled various aspects of family life and raising children. But recently, and probably not surprisingly, aging has been on my mind. I too am looking ahead – but I know that what’s to come will be significantly shaped by how I’m living my life now. So I’m also looking around, at all the people who matter to me, and with whom I spend my time. I believe that life is enriched, all along the way, by relationships that cross generational lines, inside and outside traditional families, and I want to see if others feel the same way. I hope this project will be of interest, not just to boomers like me, but to people at every life stage.